Patrick Basham directs the Democracy Institute, an independent London- and Washington, D.C.-based think tank. A best-selling author, he was previously a Cato Institute senior fellow. Prior to Cato, he led the Fraser Institute’s tobacco regulation research. Basham wrote his doctoral dissertation at Cambridge University and taught tobacco regulation at Johns Hopkins University. He is a global consultant on corporate strategy, branding, social media, polling, regulation and advertising. He appears regularly on American, British and Canadian TV and radio.

Clive Bates has had a diverse career in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He started out in IT marketing for IBM then switched careers to work in the environment movement, including for Greenpeace. From 1997–2003 he was director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.), campaigning to reduce the harms caused by tobacco. In 2003 he joined Prime Minister Blair’s Strategy Unit as a civil servant and worked in senior roles in the public sector in the U.K. and for the United Nations in Sudan. At the start of 2013, he began developing a new venture, Counterfactual, a consulting and advocacy practice focused on a pragmatic approach to sustainable development, energy policy and public health.

Erik Bloomquist is a senior analyst covering global tobacco for Haitong Securities (UK) Ltd in London. He was ranked No. 2 in the most recent European Extel survey and among the top ranked in the most recent Institutional Investor All-Europe surveys. He previously led the global tobacco team at J.P. Morgan, which, during his leadership, was the only individual team to attain top ranks for tobacco in the European, U.S. and Japanese Institutional Investor surveys concurrently. Areas of special research interest include plain packaging, tobacco harm reduction, reduced-risk products and the Japanese tobacco market. Bloomquist holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an M.A. from the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.

Simon Clark is director of the smokers lobby group Forest (Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco). He previously worked in public relations, political and media research, publishing, journalism, and event management. For 16 years Clark has lobbied on behalf of smokers and tolerant nonsmokers. He appears regularly on radio and television in the U.K. and is frequently quoted by both the print and broadcast media. In recent years he has run a number of campaigns in the U.K. including the Hands Off Our Packs campaign against plain packaging of tobacco and the No Thank EU campaign against the EU’s revised Tobacco Products Directive. This year he launched Action on Consumer Choice, which promotes consumer choice in areas such as food, drink and smokeless tobacco.

Kirsty Green-Mann is Imperial Tobacco Group’s head of corporate responsibility. Based in Bristol, U.K., her remit includes definition and implementation of the company’s responsibility strategy, stakeholder engagement, partnership and community investment, CR reporting, and human rights. Green-Mann joined Imperial in 1998 and has held a variety of roles relating to technical support, product development, process improvement, quality management, project management, corporate affairs and company secretariat.

Angela Harbutt
is the founder and director of the Liberal Vision blog. Throughout 2012 and 2013, she worked with smokers advocacy group Forest on that organization’s Hands Off Our Packs campaign, fighting the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products in the U.K. Harbutt worked in the TV industry for 20 years, rising swiftly through various research roles to become director of research and development for the U.K.’s first TV sales house. In 1995, she was founder and CEO of Paradigm Worldwide, providing numerical analysis and strategic advice to a range of media companies. Today, she is an independent freelance consultant.

Darren Harris is corporate & regulatory affairs manager at British American Tobacco, covering both conventional and next generation products. He is experienced at developing and executing strategy, with an in-depth knowledge of working and operating across an organisation - from country specific roles to regional and global roles. He also has a broad understanding of different cultures gained from living and working in various countries across Europe.

Nicholas Harris is currently the global regulatory strategy director at Japan Tobacco International (JTI), based in JTI’s Geneva headquarters. Prior to joining JTI, he worked as a parliamentary adviser in the U.K. Parliament. Harris joined the corporate affairs and communications department for JTI in 2008 before moving to Geneva in 2010 to work in corporate affairs in JTI’s Western Europe region. In 2011, he joined the global regulatory strategy department, which leads JTI’s strategy and responses to emerging global priority issues, such as plain packaging.

Brian Hawley has researched and collected items from the great ocean liners since the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. Hawley’s particular expertise lies in the engineering, technical and financial sides of steamships, especially Cunard’s liners from 1900–1969, as well as White Star’s Olympic and Titanic. As a cigar smoker himself, Brian is an avid fan of the history of smoking on the great liners past and present. He has worked closely with Cunard Line to present various exhibits on board their ships, and he lectures on board Cunard ships about the company’s 175-year history.

Drew Johnson is an award-winning columnist at The Washington Times. He also serves as a senior scholar at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and advocacy organization dedicated to reducing the size, scope and cost of government. Known for infusing investigative reporting and policy analysis to expose government waste, corruption and hypocrisy, Johnson is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. His editorials, columns and articles have been featured in scores of newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals around the world.

Mark Kehaya is chairman of the board of Alliance One International (AOI), a position he has held since December 2010. He served as interim CEO of AOI from December 2010 until February 2013. From April 1993 to March 2000, he was employed by Standard Commercial Corp., a predecessor company to AOI, serving as assistant to the president, finance director of the tobacco division, vice president for planning and CEO of Standard Commercial’s tobacco processing facility in St. Petersburg, Russia. Kehaya remains a founding partner at Meriturn Partners LLC, an investment firm specializing in restructurings and turnarounds of middle-market companies.

Patricia I. Kovacevic is the general counsel and chief compliance officer of Nicopure Labs LLC, the leading e-liquid and vaping device manufacturer of U.S.-made Halo and eVo e-liquids and Triton and G6 devices. With extensive U.S. and international industry experience, Kovacevic held senior legal and compliance positions at, among others, Philip Morris International and Lorillard. Prior to joining Lorillard she was a partner at Patton Boggs. Her expertise includes global e-cigarette and tobacco regulation, compliance, and all regulatory aspects of marketing/media communications, corporate affairs, criminal investigations, FCPA, trade sanctions, privacy, product development and launch. Kovacevic serves on the advisory board of the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum. In the past she was a United Nations staff member, served on the U.N.’s Public-Private Partnership Commission and was also an adviser to the Council for Burley Tobacco. Kovacevic is admitted to practice in New York and before the Supreme Court of the United States. She holds a J.D. from Columbia Law School in New York and has completed the Harvard Business School “Corporate Leader” course. She is fluent in seven European languages.

Mark Littlewood is the director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and the IEA’s Ralph Harris Fellow. Under his leadership, the IEA has continued to communicate the benefits of free markets to an even wider audience around the world. In 2014, Littlewood was ranked 38th on The Times’ right-wing power list and in 2011 was named Liberal Voice of the Year by the Liberal Democrat Voice. Littlewood frequently comments on political and economic issues on television and radio, including BBC Question Time, Any Questions?, Newsnight, Channel 4 News, Sky News, Radio 4’s Today and LBC. Prior to the IEA, Littlewood was head of media for the Liberal Democrats before going on to found Progressive Vision, a classical liberal think tank. He was also campaigns director for the human rights group Liberty and founder of NO2ID, the campaign against the introduction of identity cards. Littlewood was educated at Balliol College in Oxford, U.K.

Chuan Liu received his Bachelor of Science from South China University of Technology in China and his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in the U.K. He joined British American Tobacco’s research and development center in Southampton, U.K., in 2000. Currently he is a senior principal scientist, with research interests across both cigarette product sciences and novel tobacco products. In addition to his experience as a research scientist, he also worked as an international scientific engagement manager at BAT’s corporate affairs department for one year where he advised on product sciences and advocated the establishment and use of sound scientific basis for tobacco regulation. 

Elena Mamontova is the director of tobacco taxation at Japan Tobacco International (JTI). She is an experienced corporate affairs professional with expertise in various areas, including government relations, providing support from both policy and operational perspectives, external and internal communications, as well as charity. She graduated in international economic affairs from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations in 1995. In the beginning of her career, she worked in the areas of administration, event management and public relations in Russia, West Africa and Azerbaijan. She joined Liggett-Ducat tobacco company (a Gallaher Group member) in Moscow in 2002 as a communications manager, developed into the regional role and in 2004 became the head of corporate affairs for Russia. After the acquisition of Gallaher by JTI in 2007, she joined the corporate affairs team and became the corporate affairs lead in St. Petersburg, supporting the company’s supply chain and sales operations in the northwest of Russia. She was appointed to drive the company’s advocacy on excise and anti-illicit trade in Russia in late 2011. Starting in September 2012, she led the government relations department. In July 2014 she was appointed to support the company’s advocacy on taxation issues for the CIS and Americas regions and started working on the anti-illicit trade engagement shortly after.

James Murphy, head of reduced risk substantiation at British American Tobacco, has 10 years’ experience working at British American Tobacco in research and development, marketing and Nicoventures. Previous roles included defining product standards and their impact on consumer dosimetry; design, development and assessment of a prototype reduced-toxicant cigarette; and product development roles in tobacco-heating devices and nicotine products.

Tim Phillips is a founder and managing director of ECigIntelligence. He is a U.K.-qualified attorney, having worked at the European Commission, BSkyB, Herbert Smith, AOL Europe, and as director of public affairs at Betfair. He also was a partner in a New York venture capital-funded startup. Phillips holds a postgraduate diploma in legal practice from the University of Law, London, and a master’s in Geology from Oxford University.

Giles Roca has been director general of the U.K. Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) since April 2014. The TMA represents the views of its member companies when communicating with the national, regional and local U.K. authorities and other stakeholders on issues of shared interest and concern, including taxation, smuggling and youth access prevention. Prior to joining TMA, Roca was head of strategy and head of government relations at the Westminster City Council. Before that, he was head of communications at the Essex County Council and a political adviser to the leader of the opposition in the House of Lords.

Stuart D. Thompson is the CEO of U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc. (USTC). Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, USTC is the largest tobacco cooperative in the United States and is owned by 850 farmers. Thompson joined USTC in 2012 as CFO and was appointed CEO in 2014. Prior to joining USTC, Thompson held senior management positions in a range of industries, including CFO at BTC Electronic Components (an aerospace electronics company), CFO and CEO of The Sunrock Group (a construction materials company), and managing director of Sigma Aldrich Canada (the Canadian subsidiary of a Fortune 500 biochemical company). Thompson also served as a U.S. naval officer and is a graduate of Duke University.

As the owner of TNV Ventures and a founding partner of Calumet Advisors, Ron Tully offers strategic guidance to businesses on brand development, product portfolio, competitive opportunities, commercial transactions and product regulatory impacts at the international, national and state levels. Previously, Tully was vice president of new projects and initiatives at National Tobacco Co. in the United States. Prior to Joining National Tobacco Co., Tully was vice president of public affairs at Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co., and before that he was general manager of the International Tobacco Documentation Centre in London. Tully has been in the tobacco industry for more than 26 years.




JTI – Japan Tobacco International – is a leading international tobacco company, with headquarters in Switzerland. We were formed in 1999 when Japan Tobacco Inc. acquired the non-US operations of tobacco company R.J. Reynolds. The further acquisition of UK-based Gallaher in 2007 nearly doubled the size of JTI by adding 11,000 new employees. [more]


CTV (Cooperativa Tabacchi Verona) is a cooperative of growers founded in 1969 and located in Salizzole, in the southern region of Verona, Italy, a historic tobacco growing area.The cooperative belongs to a group of shareholder growers and is fully integrated in the tobacco-growing chain. [more]


Chidziva Tobacco Processors (CTP) was founded in 1998 and has been buying and selling tobacco ever since. The company is a privately owned Zimbabwean tobacco merchant. [more]

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